Emitter 5 & 11


VCIFORCE EMITTERS 5 & 11 are emitters of corrosive inhibitors easy to apply. In a closed space such as electronic cabinets, they allow for corrosion protection on copper contacts and its alloys, technical silver, etc.

Thanks to the adhesive on the back of each capsule, they can be placed in any free space in the electronic cabinet.

Available in two sizes (5 and 10) of different dimensions and protective capacity.

Our SHIELD range of products is a complete and innovative collection of practical methods to provide protection against corrosion of your products.
Product description
VCI emitter in the form of a capsule, resistant to abrasion, without dust formation, for multi-metal protection. Steam covers all surfaces including cracks, cavities and all inaccessible areas that seal it to provide total protection. Activation phase from 30 minutes to 3 hours with a range of action in which the protection is manifested  approx. 30 cm.

Recommended Applications
Rust protection in electrical cabinets, toolboxes, mechanical and electronic control systems. VCI reinforcement inside cover, bags, boxes and closed packaging. The inhibitors do not involve either greater resistance to contact or affect the characteristics of insulating materials.

Proper storage mode
Emitters can remain in stock before use for 2 years in the original packaging packed and closed in boxes and at moderate temperatures. Protect from sunlight, moisture and dirt.

Attention: always wash your hands well after handling the product and before eating


  • Simple and immediate corrosion protection
  • Safe and non-toxic product, free from nitrites and secondary amines
  • Conforms to TL 8135-0043
  • Complies to the rules RoHS, TRGS 615 e REACH

Company profile

We have over 20 years’ experience in this sector as dealers and representatives of Italian, American and Indian brands, developing in time over a total of over € 30 million of VCI products.

To date, we have developed our own non-nitrite or secondary amine anti-corrosive Masterbatch, with equivalent or superior performance to the industry’s most well-known brands, allowing us to  be extremely competitive in the VCI anti-corrosion packaging market!




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