What is VCI?


VCI is the safest and convenient method
used in packaging to preserve metallic artifacts
from damage caused by rust and corrosion
during shipment and storage.

It is known since the 40s, it is constantly evolving and easy to use: when an item is placed in the packaging, the VCI corrosion inhibitory molecules are released into the volume of air formed and deposited on the surface of the metal to be protected, forming a protective film at the molecular level.

The coating envelops the metal surface and prevents the oxidation or corrosion phenomenon.

The hermetically sealed volume inside the packaging creates the protective atmosphere, ensuring durable, corrosion protection, both in contact and at a distance.


Product Features:

  • Safe, non-toxic product, free from nitrites and secondary amines.
  • Easy to manage and use.
  • Conforms to RoHS, TRGS 615 and REACH
  • Fully recyclable.
  • Duration of more than 24 months protection.
  • Flexible, durable, anti-puncture and tear-resistant.
  • Recommended for the protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • Exceeds the most stringent corrosion test: TL 8135-0043 Grade 3 (good).


Company profile

We have over 20 years’ experience in this sector as dealers and representatives of Italian, American and Indian brands, developing in time over a total of over € 30 million of VCI products.

To date, we have developed our own non-nitrite or secondary amine anti-corrosive Masterbatch, with equivalent or superior performance to the industry’s most well-known brands, allowing us to  be extremely competitive in the VCI anti-corrosion packaging market!




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