VCIFORCE Lamina is a highly technically coextruded three-layer film that combines the effective anti-corrosion principle with the specific characteristics of the shrink film and anti-UV film.

It has been developed for outdoor storage and for extremely demanding applications. The inner layer is treated with the VCI integrated into the polymer matrix.

It is extremely resistant to puncture and protects the contents from the sun’s rays through the UV filter.

It is normally supplied in rolls with a maximum height of 6 m and with a thickness of up to 200 mycrons: it is white ( or blue )  on the outside and black (or white) inside.
Product description
VCIFORCE Laminate is a VCI high-strength shrink-wrap film compost from:
Outer Layer: Low density white polyethylene with super octene added and high titanium pigment load for UV resistance.
Central Layer: A high density polyethylene blend that delivers superior top quality and excellent barrier to corrosion elements.
Inner layer: VCI - low density black polyethylene with high concentration of VCI multi-metal and high carbon black content for UV resistance.

Recommended Applications
Recommended for preservation and corrosion protection of ferrous and non ferrous metals including steel, iron, cast iron.
• Storage or staying outdoors too
• Ideal to overseas shipments of large machinery or large metal parts
• Protection of irregularly shaped parts

Proper storage mode
Keep in a cool and dry place, protected from sunlight and in closed packaging, even during partial use (overnight, weekends and holidays). Storage life of at least 24 months.

Attention: always wash your hands well after handling the product and before eating!



  • Anti-corrosion protection, ecological, recyclable
  • Safe and non-toxic product, free from nitrites and secondary amines
  • Conforms to TL 8135-0043
  • Complies to the rules RoHS, TRGS 615 e REACH

Company profile

We have over 20 years’ experience in this sector as dealers and representatives of Italian, American and Indian brands, developing in time over a total of over € 30 million of VCI products.

To date, we have developed our own non-nitrite or secondary amine anti-corrosive Masterbatch, with equivalent or superior performance to the industry’s most well-known brands, allowing us to  be extremely competitive in the VCI anti-corrosion packaging market!




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